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Youth Empowerment Program

Detroit Roses Presents the 1st annual Youth Empowerment Program that seeks to aid high school students in varying topics that promote adequacy, advancement, and success for their future within the city of Detroit. Throughout the Rose Buds YEP program students will receive information on networking & communication, academic excellence, professional development, financial literacy, personal development, and the importance of giving back. Each Rose Bud (Student) will engage in breakout sessions, group activities, and a service project. The purpose of this event is to give current high school students opportunities and access to active sessions full of information through idea sharing, discussion, group activities, and workshops. 

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Learning Objectives

  • Students will engage and build connections with their peers attending the event along with facilitators and volunteers of the event. 

  • Students will learn to manage their time and resources more effectively. 

  • Students will Discover ways to build meaningful relationships that promote collaboration. 

  • To Prepare students for future opportunities within the city of Detroit, in the college setting, and in the real world situations.

  • Students will experience professional development as they enter into adult life, giving them advanced skills and preparation. 

  • Students will be allowed to explore complex topics and formulate their opinion and develop their style of navigating through adult life. 


Active Session Tracks

  1. Communication (networking) 

  2. Academic Excellence 

  3. Professional Development 

  4. Financial Literacy

  5. Personal Development

  6. Importance of giving back

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